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You and your dog are a team. While we offer services to improve your and your dog's quality of life, you will have to work together to make your goals become a reality.

Regardless of the service you require, you can expect to be assigned "homework" to do with your dog during the time between our sessions. The more work you can do in between, the more you and your dog will benefit from your time with the trainer. We are available for phone or email consultation between sessions if you are struggling with an exercise, or if a new concern arises as you practice.

Behavior Modification

If your dog exhibits problematic behaviors such as house soiling, barking, poor home manners, separation anxiety, or aggression, we provide in-home behavior modification. These one-on-one sessions will take place in your home or wherever the problem behavior occurs.

Private obedience lessons

If you've tried group classes but find your dog is too distracted or overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds, private lessons may be the best choice for you. Furthermore, in a one-on-one setting we can tailor your obedience lessons so you are learning exactly what you need for your dog. We don't just teach your dog - we teach you how to teach your dog. When the lesson comes from you, it is more powerful for your dog, and working together improves your bond.

Group obedience classes

We will lay out the curriculum before you sign up, so you know exactly what will be covered in the class. Because we limit class size to 6 participants, you will get plenty of attention even in this group setting. We provide handouts after each class to summarize what we've taught, so you don't need to worry about forgetting a technique when you get home and practice on your own.

Sometimes it's difficult to get enough people with the same skill levels together to take a class, so consider hitting up a friend, family member, or neighbor to join the class with you. It's more fun to work with someone else you know in the class, and you can encourage and assist each other with practicing during the week.

Day training

If you would like your dog to learn some basic obedience, but your busy schedule makes it hard to schedule lessons and practice time, day training is the solution! We will come to your home during every work day and train your dog. At the end of each week we will give you a demonstration of what the dog has learned, and exercises to work on over the weekend. This is not just a great way to teach your dog obedience commands, it's a great way to break up the day for a dog who is home alone while you're at work.

New dog consultation

If you've decided it's time to bring a dog into your life, call us first! We can help you pick a breed and temperament that will best suit your lifestyle. We will even go with you to help pick out your new dog, and then provide you with practical tips for integrating the dog into your life. The advice we share will help you to avoid many of the most common problems that people encounter with a new dog.

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